Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Welcome to No Religion Required

When I sat and pondered all the different titles to name this blog, one theme lingered in my mind; religion is not a requirement for living a moral and ethical life. In fact, most of the brutality in the world is brought on by religious beliefs. When we look back at the bombings of the USS Cole, World Trade Center and numerous American Embassies around the world, we can clearly see the destruction caused by religion.

Here in our country, although we are not experiencing daily bombings, we are experiencing something just as brutal; we are seeing the Religious Right's attempt to control the lives of others and using Christianity for justification. I have no problem with people believing in God as long as they keep their God out of the Federal Government and out of the voting booth. 

In this blog it may appear that I am picking on Christianity, I focus on Christianity because it is the religion I know the most about having considered myself a Christian for thirty years. I personally think we should rid our country of all religion and return to our secular roots.

This blog is for those people who are willing to take a stand and loudly proclaim "No Religion Required"! I encourage all who visit to follow and comment on anything posted here.

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