Monday, January 20, 2014

Satan: One of God's Creations?

In almost every Christian church in this nation, pastors are teaching about an adversary, an enemy of God, the tempter of all people or Satan as he will be called in this post. Most theists look at me with a raised eyebrow when I say God created Satan, they often forget about Isaiah14:12-18 which tells about Lucifer falling from grace or the fact that they believe God created everything and is still at this moment in constant creation. If we can understand the idea that God created everything, we can easily understand that God also created Satan. This can be a stretch for most theists because they do not want to focus on this aspect of God. They would rather focus on the good aspects and when someone reaches into the closet and brings out a skeleton they get nervous.

Let’s look at the events of Isaiah through rational eyes. Lucifer was cast out of heaven for the offense of wanting to place himself above God. This leaves me, a rational and logical thinker, to question how Lucifer came to this way of thinking if there is was no one to tempt him especially if he was to become Satan. Where did Lucifer get the desire to be higher than God? Was there a Satan before this Satan or did the desire come from his creator and if the desire came from his creator, why did God throw him down out of heaven for doing exactly as God intended? Did God create the desire and make Lucifer fall for the sole purpose of making him the General Manager of hell? It is apparent to me that God needed someone to look over hell, so he placed the sin in Lucifer then punished him for it. Does this sound like the loving God all believers follow?

Why is it that people who claim the bible to be the infallible word of God can read the account of Lucifer and not wonder these things? The answer is simple; they are programed not to question, just accept it all with blind faith, with the understanding that God’s ways are higher than man’s ways, so who are we to question his authority? This is a slave mentality, just lower your head in full submission say yes sir and never question. Well, I am no longer a slave or a bond servant of God. I’ve seen his morality and I want nothing to do with it. Any God that would create billions of people knowing that ninety percent of them are to spend all eternity in a lake of fire being tortured without any hope of relief or ever getting out is not a God I am willing to serve. My blinders have been removed and I am no longer living a life afraid of eternal damnation. I have no hope of spending eternity in some far off paradise. Therefore, I now enjoy a life that is focused on making each day count and doing my best to improve the lives of others .

God needs Satan and uses him to do his bidding. We see this clearly in the life of Job. Isn’t it ironic that God and Satan are hanging out together and chatting about Job? How it is that God would hold a conversation with someone he cast out of heaven? Isn’t the sole purpose of being cast out total separation from God, then how is God and Satan communicating? Better yet, how can they justify bartering over Job’s life? Job was supposed to be one the most righteous men on earth. So why would God allow such hardship to come upon him? Is this how God treats his most righteous; take his children, all his livestock and cover him with boils? Who in their right mind would have the desire to be righteous after reading this monstrosity? Bottom line is, God allowed his buddy Satan to do it all!

I know most Christians who read this are thinking that I am taking it all out of context and that God is using Job to prove a point to Satan. I would question why God feels the need to prove a point to anyone, much less Satan? Is he that insecure? We can see his insecurities by reading the bible; things such as not having any other God before him and him being jealous. Have you ever tried to have a relationship with a jealous person? If so, did they need to know everything; where you are going, who you talked to while you were gone and worried that you are going to find someone better? Are you willing to have this type of relationship for all eternity? Sadly most Christian are.

So, God created Satan, placed the ability to sin within him, allowed him to fall from heaven and then gave him a promotion. Sounds like most corrupt corporations in the world today. I realize you may be wondering what promotion I am talking about, he is now the Chief Executive Officer of Hell. His job is to watch over the daily torture operations of billions as well as roaming the earth collecting the souls of all the people God created knowing they would forever be tortured, yet many still call him a God of love. If this is love I think I will pass.

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